TheBreweryTap -A spooky Scottish bar

William the Ghost...

Houston Ice & Brewing company in the 1920'sThe Brewery Tap has several ghosts, the most famous of them is "William". But don't worry, he is a friendly ghost and has even been credited with saving a bartenders life!

William's demise came during the 1920's as he was working at what was then the Houston Ice & Brewing company.
He was killed when a large stack of beer barrels fell on top of him.

Ghost Hunters of the BT...

The Brewery Tap is located just yards from Allen's landing (Houston's "Plymouth Rock"). It was here in 1836 that August & John Allen stepped ashore and founded Houston.

The area is steeped in history and many different ghost tours ply this area. Tours often start or end at the Brewery Tap, so it's a great way to get to know the place.

Paranormal Energy...

William the Ghost at the Brewery TapParanormal activity is often associated with unusual electromagnetic fields and as many people have discovered, the Brewery Tap is awash with this metaphysical energy.

Many customers have been able to detect these fields and some have found mysterious orbs on photos of the Tap.
[Check out this video!]

We encourage you to bring in your favorite detector (or smartphone with suitable app), you will be amazed at the results.

The Brewery Tap is located close to the Donnellen crypt. Built in 1867, it housed the remains of Henry Donnellen and his business partner, both of whom were killed trying to defuse a Civil war cannonball. As time went on, the crypt was encased in concrete supporting a more modern Franklin Street bridge. Now it's a small unmarked niche on a concrete embankment. A small brick arch is the only hint of what it once was. [Click here] or [Here for more info!]