TheBreweryTap -An oddball Welsh pub

Beers on draft...

The Brewery Tap is a full service bar and have a wide range of adult beverages available. We like to keep a good selection of local Houston brews such as; St. Arnold*, Karbach or Buffalo Bayou, as well as beers from around the USA and the rest of the world.

* We have been proudly serving St.Arnold's beer since August 1994. Just a couple of months after they opened the brewery!

Below is a typical list of the draft beers we have available.
All beer is served fresh in 20 ounce glasses and at prices ranging from $2.75 for some domestic beers to $6+ for premium imports.

Happy hour is: Monday-Friday from opening until 7 pm

Texas North America Europe UK
St Arnold Elissa Fat Tire Spatan Lager Fullers ESB
St Arnold Amber Ale Fosters Spaten Optimator Bass Ale
St Arnold Lawnmower Blue Moon Spaten Oktoberfest Fullers London Pride
St Arnold Art Car IPA Sam Adams Lager Heineken Strongbow Cider
Shiner Bock Sierra Nevada Duvel Newcastle Brown
Karbach Hopadilo Shock Top Carlsberg Boddingtons
Karbach Wheat Bud Lite Maredsous
Karbach Rodeo Clown Miller Lite Stella Artois
Buffalo Bayou 1836 Pabst Blue Ribbon Guinness
Ziegenbock Dos Equis Hofbrau Original
Lone Star

8th Wonder Intellectuale

Note: We change our draft beers frequently, so this list may not be indicative of the beers available upon any one day.