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TheBreweryTap -A bracing British bar

Located in the Historic Magnolia Building...

Brewey Tap and Magnolia BuildingCentrally located within downtown Houston, the Brewery Tap is close to Market square and is just a short jaunt from downtown hotels and businesses.

Come on in and enjoy your favorite beer from around the world. Take note of the glass, a twenty ounce imperial pint. This means we serve you at least 25% (typically 40%) more beer than most bars.

British Pub Experience...

A typical Saturday afternoon at the tapThere is nothing to equal the ambiance of an British pub. The Brewery Tap has always been known that as a place where people can relax and be themselves, to take pleasure in company and enjoy the art of conversation. Here you will find a good-natured mixture of gossip, wit, conversation, debate and information, proffered with friendly and efficient service from the bar.


Nice turn out for the bandsWalk into any pub in Britain and chances are you will find fans gathered to cheer on their favorite soccer, rugby, or cricket team. In Britain, sport is a religion and the players are huge stars. It is a reason to gather in the pub like no other.

So come and join us at the Brewery Tap and watch ALL of your favorite sports. Or if you are feeling a bit more energetic, why not try your hand at a game of darts with the regulars?

A state historical marker outside the Brewery Tap honors the building's past as one of Houston's biggest breweries, which at one point took up several acres of what is now prime downtown real estate. The Pub is housed in the old Houston Ice & Brewing Company building (the actual brewery closed in 1950).